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Kevin Miller joined the group Research: Daniel G. Miller 9 months ago
Kevin Miller created a new topic ' Della F Blake; not McClain' in the forum. 9 months ago

Two years of research into the E.J. Miller family of Valley Falls, Kansas and finally there is a break through. For many years it has been written that the wife of Elisha, Della F Miller, was Della F McClain. After much research this is now disproved. Della's maiden name is not McClain; it is Blake. Della F Blake was born to Thomas Blake and Sarah Money in May of 1866.

We've been able to confirm the name is Blake using multiple sources; Newspaper articles, census documents, and DNA.

We have updated Della's Ancestry details to shownthe correct name. All references to McClain should be ignored. We are unsure of how the name McClain came to light nor who was responsible. What we can say is that the name is not correct.